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Recreation Dynamics Playground Inspection for your public play area

About us: Recreation Dynamics (RecDyn) provides playground inspection in Virginia, D.C., and Maryland. Our playground inspector will evaluate playgrounds using the latest industry standards and guidelines. RecDyn has over two decades of experience providing playground inspections, site evaluations, and construction of playgrounds for HOA's and parks.

Procedure: RecDyn will perform a meticulous on-site review and evaluation of your site, equipment, and access. The inspection fee includes tightening loose bolts and raking loose fill surfacing into heavy use areas. RecDyn will issue a detailed written report with photographs and explain in detail any issues that do not comply with the guidelines and make recommendations to correct the problems.

Why: Playground inspections are important: it helps keep the kids safe all year round, finds minor issues to prevent major cost, and increases the longevity and aesthetics of your play area. This can reveal structural problems and environmental conditions that you wouldn’t otherwise discover, so you can make changes before accidents occur. In the unfortunate event that something does happen, an inspection report is written documentation of your playground safety efforts. Regular inspections and maintenance are an important component of your property's risk management program.

Frequency of Inspections: Inspections can be high frequency, for high use playgrounds, or low frequency, for those that see comparatively little use. RecDyn offers Playground Inspection Plans in the Mid-Atlantic area tailored to your needs and budget. For high frequency needs, choose from monthly, quarterly, and for low frequency inspection plans are generally annually, or semi-annually.

Safety Rules: Playground inspections are based on the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission’s Public Playground Safety Handbook #325, ASTM F1487: Standard Consumer Safety Performance Specification for Playground Equipment for Public Use, and ASTM F1292: Standard Specification for Impact Attenuation of Surface Systems Under and Around Playground Equipment.

Inspection Scope: RecDyn examines every piece of equipment, your playground surfacing, the playground borders, and any other item found in the play area. RecDyn uses your equipment the way kids do: the inspector will climb and crawl all over and under the play equipment giving a rigorous physical and visual evaluation of existing conditions. RecDyn takes careful measurements and photos, to compare the condition of the equipment with the prevailing CPSC and ASTM safety standards as well as previous inspections.

Our Commitment: RecDyn's highest priority is that playground users will be safe. Regular inspections also help save you money because maintenance is less expensive than repairs. We find the minor issues before they become major ones and keep your play area lasting for years.

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